Being Cancer Free Testimonials

Choose to Live: Inspiring Book that Changed My Life!

“This wonderful, uplifting, inspiring book may contain the key to wellness that can change your life.  It worked for me!”

–Brian Tracy, Author, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”


“In February of 2006, I met Kevin and Joyce, in May of 2006, I started to speak with Joyce on a regular basis.I was not prepared for the way she would subtlety change my life.When I started following Joyce’s diet and lifestyle suggestions, Joyce and Kevin would say something like, “A raw vegetable is 10 times more powerful than a cooked vegetable”. When I started substituting raw vegetables for cooked vegetables, I lost 9 pounds in the first week and went on to lose another 30. I had so much energy that I began running, starting with 4 miles and the next day 8 miles, it was a breeze. For the first time since I was16, I was no longer feeling hungry, tired or bloated.When I went to the doctor to get blood work done, he could not get over my results. My blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and glucose were all down. He was very impressed and wanted to know if I was the same person who was in his office 6 months earlier. I refer to Joyce as my “Guardian Angel”. Ed Murphy- New York


“I’m searching through the emotions to put into words how Joyce and Kevin rocked my world today with their AMAZING presentation at Extreme Health in CA. Their stage presence is nothing short of amazing, and the message they deliver is something the world needs to hear, and FAST!!!! Its a scary cancer world we live in, and with their message, there is a path they have made for us to follow and NOT have to deal with cancer. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed and its nice to know that someone cares so much about others and is looking to wipe cancer out!!! once and for all. The way they held the crowds attention was captivating. and VERY informative. Thanks Kevin and Joyce for FIGHTING for your life and the life of your family’s. Your fight to live and educate people will help SAVE THOUSANDS of lives.” Kevin Cundiff – Hollywood FL
“Your CD was profound. I just can’t say enough about it. I listened to it several times on a long car ride that I had. It changed my life. The research and knowledge was so deep. When people get sick they either get scared and just do conventional or they exhaust every avenue to heal. The Being Cancer Free CD goes into so many areas that people don’t know about. I didn’t know about this and both my wife and I had been through cancer. If that one area that Joyce and Kevin O’Brien cover in the CD can help, the information in the CD is priceless. If more people would listen to the CD and do these things first than they would not have the health problems they do. I was never aware of how harmful sugar was, and I had cancer. I immediately cut out sugar from my diet because the information is so eye opening in this CD. Every person needs to be made aware of this information because every person is affected by it. What we are doing to ourselves is not supporting ourselves. Maybe if we knew better we would stop and there would be more moderation and more people would be healthy and feel good. This is one of the most amazing CD’s I have ever heard in my life and I don’t say that lightly. It was full of so much information that it is as if it took years to make. You can feel that this is so important to them that people hear this that they care and just want to share the information. Sal L, Hauppauge, NY
“Joyce O’Brien’s and Kevin O’Brien’s voices need to be heard. Their personal story of overcoming cancer’s death sentence represents all that is great in the human spirit. First our basic need to learn and second our most fundamental need to survive. Their CD is truly life changing. I can’t wait for the book.” Chad – The Pulse of Radio, Radio Network
“I have to say, after listening to the ‘Being Cancer Free’ CD, I was amazed. The information given was absolutely priceless. Everyone MUST own this CD. This CD is NOT only for people with cancer…it is for EVERYONE! The information given was very enlightening for myself and my entire family. It has motivated us to realize that we DO have the power to change our lifestyle to achieve better health. You never know, this CD just may save your life!” – J. Glass, ES, PA
“Joyce and Kevin’s story is both inspiring and empowering! There is so much valuable information contained in this one product. Even if you put only a few of their suggestions into action, you will dramatically increase your level of health and vitality. It inspired me to make changes and I already feel better. Joyce and Kevin are encouraging and supportive, all the while upholding that we have the ability to take charge of our physical well-being. Listening to this audio was a highly uplifting, educational and motivating experience!” Andrea Hess, Arizona, Author of “Unlocking your Intuition”
“I am so pleased that I discovered your e-book. Your e-book is amazing; it truly is an inspirational eye opener. It astonishes me all the things that we do day in and day out that we can so easily change to decrease our chances of developing disabling diseases. This book is a truly amazing resource for those healthy and unhealthy. I have implemented many of your recommendations and have already noticed an improvement in my health in just over a week. With eternal gratitude” Kim, Centereach, NY

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