Our Story

Surviving Cancer – Our Story

My husband Kevin and I were living life, working hard, playing hard and having fun just like any other 30-year-old couple – we were living the dream. We had what we felt were rewarding careers, we traveled and had a vigorous social life.  I had a very successful 14-year career on Wall Street where I ran a $2 billion business. We were going through the motions, without a life purpose.  We enjoyed our careers, family and friendships and were just putting one foot in front of the other.

Then BAMM – Kevin had a brain hemorrhage, three strokes and was paralyzed. He was 31. A year later, I was pregnant and the doctors thought our baby had spina bifida and wanted us to abort. A year later, when our daughter was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,  I was only 33. I had a mastectomy and went through the harrowing and toxic experience of chemotherapy. As a result of the cancer, I lost my job, life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance. This was on top of dealing with a husband who was a stroke victim, a newborn baby and battling breast cancer.  A year after that Kevin was diagnosed with stage 3B malignant melanoma, an advanced aggressive cancer with only a 20-30 percent chance of survival. It seemed  likely that he was going to die. Then the worst news of all hit us like a tidal wave: I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and told that there was nothing that could be done to save me. I was 35 and it was probable that I was going to die.

There was no way I could give up and  let myself and Kevin die and leave our precious 3-year old daughter without parents. It was at this point that I made a choice to live and we began a journey into an unknown world.  It was all we had left, we had to try alternative treatments.

In my moment of greatest despair, I got down on my knees and prayed, “I need to live God. Just show me how.” Within days, I was guided through a friend to Biological Medicine.  Biological Medicine explores the root causes of an illnesses and then works to remove that root cause. Secondly and equally important, it works to strengthen the body and immune system through various healing modalities.

Initially I was incredibly skeptical as I knew nothing about alternative or Holistic medicine or  if it even worked. Like most people in the West, my thought process went directly to ‘how could it possibly be as effective as conventional medicine’?
I had never even been in a health store before being diagnosed with Cancer. But I needed to live and that meant trying anything. After a relentless amount of research, Kevin and I  combined Biological Medicine with supplements, cleanses and initially a mostly raw green die. Hippocrates said it best, “Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.”   Kevin and I were about to realize the relevance of this ancient theory.

I made a bold move and  journeyed to a Biological Medicine clinic in Switzerland where I went through various holistic and complementary treatments that worked to cleanse and detoxify me.

I next pursued emotional and spiritual health by looking at some really deep emotional issues.  I made a conscious effort to get rid of the past traumas in my life.   I have bad news, even if you grew up in a Walton-esq or Brady Bunch-esq home, everyone has some of those nasty little issues.   I came to slowly discover  the relevance emotional baggage had with regard to physical  illness.
Our lives had collapsed around us again and again in the period of a few years, but we emerged from the rubble and little by little we repaired, rebuilt and recreated our lives.

Eleven years after our nightmare began, Kevin is walking, our child is perfectly healthy, and we are alive, and cancer free!  It’s amazing – even to us at times. Our lives and perception of life have shifted dramatically and we are continuing on our incredibly exciting path of health and wellness.  Our lives are better today because being healthy is more than just the body lacking disease, it’s about a vitality, a passion for life.  Today we are healthy and we are passionate about life and about helping you experience a healthy vital passionate life!

The Purpose

Kevin and I want to share our amazing story because our prayer is that it will help to improve your life or the life of someone you know and love. We want to share what we have learned with people who are healthy as well as people who are sick, not just from cancer but any illness. The premise for what we did to reverse the cancer applies to most all illnesses. We want to provide inspiration to people who feel they have no hope. We want to provide hope to those who are just tired of feeling lousy and don’t know why. This was how we felt for most of our lives before being diagnosed. Prior to the Cancer diagnosis, I had chronic fatigue, chronic sinus problems, IBS, depression, migraines and horrific daily headaches. No allopathic doctor’s was able to tell me why or how to stop these destructive symptoms. Simple changes to a person’s lifestyle can have a major impact on the way he or she feels. I will tell you that I had medical support during my holistic journey and you do not want to start a new program without having the support of trained professionals, especially if you are in poor health.

Our hope is also to have those who have been diagnosed with cancer at an early stage make changes in their lifestyle to give them the best opportunity to be rid of the cancer and prevent it from coming back. Our hope is to get this message out to enough people so that we can change the statistic from one in three people being diagnosed with cancer, to one in five, one in ten or even one in a hundred. Our belief is that cancer is not necessarily an epidemic for which you can find a ‘cure’, but that it is something that you can actually prevent.  Today we are living the real dream – we are cancer free and FULL of life.  Let us help you live your dream of complete health.

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