Joyce O’Brien delivers a powerful, content-rich message of hope and inspiration mixed with a healthy does of real-life experience and concrete ideas for taking action and getting life-changing results!

Her life mission is clear: to motivate, inspire and empower others with tools to improve their health.

After investing years in training, research, and study with top doctors and experts in holistic health, she speaks on the many of the secrets of what makes us sick and how to make ourselves well.

Want to Invite Joyce O’Brien to Speak at Your Virtual or Live Event?

Joyce is available for events, webinars, teleconferences, telesummits, interviews, seminars and conferences.

To invite Joyce to speak at one of your virtual or live events, simply:  Go to our Contact page and send us your request along with the details of your event.

“Joyce and Kevin rocked my world today with their amazing presentation! Their message is something the world needs to hear, and FAST!!!!”

I’m searching through the emotions to put into words how Joyce and Kevin rocked my world today with their AMAZING presentation at Extreme Health in CA.

Their stage presence is nothing short of amazing, and the message they deliver is something the world needs to hear, and FAST!!!! Its a scary cancer world we live in, and with their message, there is a path they have made for us to follow and NOT have to deal with cancer.

I’m so grateful our paths have crossed and its nice to know that someone cares so much about others and is looking to wipe cancer out!!! once and for all. The way they held the crowds attention was captivating and VERY informative. Thanks Kevin and Joyce for FIGHTING for your life and the life of your family’s. Your fight to live and educate people will help SAVE THOUSANDS of lives.

– Kevin Cundiff – Hollywood FL

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