The Mercury Menace: Is It Affecting Your Health?

The Mercury Menace: Is It Affecting Your Health?

Have you or anyone you know ever experienced cancer, memory lapses, unexplainable fatigue, or emotional mood swings, including fear, anxiety or rage? How about heart ailments, diabetes, reproductive issues or an autoimmune disease? You may be surprised to know that the toxic metal mercury is a proven cause in these and many other adverse health conditions.

Millions of people are exposed to mercury every single day, mostly through their “silver” dental fillings and the fish they consume. Now you can test YOUR mercury level through a special urine test that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. It takes just 2 hours, and is analyzed by an independent laboratory.

One company that performs the test is MercOut International, and we have secured a special $10 discount off their test price for our readers.


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