The Swine Flu

My daughter’s best friend had swine flu and now it’s in my niece’s school. I guess it is time to report some tips sent to me by a natural health practitioner.

I want to stress the value of fresh air, sunshine, staying on a healthy balanced diet by adding lots of healthy organic vegetables, rest and relaxation, meditation, cleansing to detoxify the body and add some supplements for staying well.

Remember, psychological stress lowers your immunity and so does as little as ONE poor night’s sleep! Stay calm….meditate or do relaxation exercises. Use calming essential oils such as lavender and lemon grass…they are very helpful.

In order to stay healthy, an appropriate intake of vitamins is essential to ensure the manufacture of sufficient antibodies. Those vitamins include specifically: vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Lots of vitamin C is important and gradually increasing consumption of it is helpful in fighting an infection. Also, it helps prevent the common cold and will decrease the duration of it.

Echinacea, which should be from the root of purpura or augustifolia, has a stimulating effect on the immune system including anti-bacterial and anti-viral-like properties. It should be taken along with golden rod and is usually available that way. Alpha lipoic acid also adds a boost to the immune system.

Minerals such as selenium and zinc are essential, as well. Also, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)… please Google it… and see the benefits. It alkalizes the body and works to kills pathogens.  Using lemon is great too.

You can also look at Biomgscience’s Wellness Kit. It can be used for everything and the price cannot be beat.

You can use the above to strengthen the immune system, diminish pain from most neurological disorders….to give you energy, to calm you down…to help you sleep…so much and so reasonably priced.

There’s a book which is also helpful as an adjunct in combating illness.

Please visit Robert Young’s website and read about his phour salts and the PH Miracle Living.

We will be continuing on tips for avoiding flu tomorrow!

Here’s to your health!

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