Can I Really Avoid Getting Cancer?

Most of us think that cancer may be inherited, tied to the polluted environment or our diets, etc. and getting it cannot be avoided. However, there’s GOOD NEWS regarding the above! That’s not necessarily the way it is, at least, not anymore.
Engaging a healthier life style can prevent half of all cancer deaths states the American Cancer Society!

For the next couple of days, we are going to go over some simple life strategies that will help us avoid cancer, detect it early and, perhaps, avoid it completely:

•    First, reduce your cancer risk by changing your diet!
•    While many of the specifics are not yet known for sure, we know this for certain…research is demonstrating that a plant-based, raw green diet is generally associated with reduced risks for many cancers (and other illnesses), especially for colon cancer.
•    Do not smoke! Don’t use any tobacco product! We all know it…there is absolutely a link between the use of tobacco and an increased risk for getting many types of cancers.
•    Get screened for cancer regularly: Many medical tests can find cancer at a very early stage. In fact, sometimes it can be found even before a growth has turned cancerous. Early detection can greatly increase your chance for a cure and reduce your risk of dying from the disease.

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