Easy Ways To Meditate

Given that meditation has been practiced for centuries, various movements have emerged. But regardless of their names or techniques, this can be grouped into two basic approaches.

The first is called concentrative meditation. Here, the person focuses attention on the breath, an image or a sound to create a greater awareness and clarity. Think of it as looking at something through a microscope so you are able to narrow your focus.

It’s easy…all you have to do is sit down and breathe. The correct way of doing it is to inhale and exhale slowly and through it, your focus becomes deeper and slower, your mind becomes more aware and tranquil.

The second type is called mindfulness meditation. Similar to concentrative meditation, the person sits quietly and then reflects on his or her feelings, sensations and thoughts. One by one, things come to mind without the person consciously directing any action(s). You get to see a bigger picture and through inner wisdom you can establish a sense of direction.

An easy way to keep bringing your focus back during your meditation is to squeeze the muscles around your tailbone or pelvic floor – like a kegel exercise. This calms your brain activity and brings your focus out of your busy head and into your heart.

Which meditation technique is the best? There is no correct answer; it depends entirely on what works best for you.

Two of my favorites are guided meditation and what I call third eye meditation. I know – it sounds a little kookie, but it really is powerful.

Guided meditation is when you listen to an audio of someone as they talk you through a relaxing experience. This allows your own brain to settle down while allowing you to keep your mind occupied.

The reason why I like meditation in which I focus on my third eye is that I feel it brings me to a higher level of consciousness. Our third eye is located in the center of our forehead. Imagine closing your eyes and gently looking up between your eyebrows towards the center of your forehead. Now imagine as you breathe that your breath is gently going in and out through this spot. If it is too much of a strain on your eyes, lower your gaze to an area that feels more comfortable.

I feel this meditation helps me to be grounded and more easily guided on a daily basis by my own intuition. The third eye meditation can also be effective when done for only a few minutes at a time. Relax your eyes as needed while continuing to gently breathe and keep your eyes closed. When you are ready, bring your focus back up again to the third eye.

Please see our site for some of my favorites.

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