Coping with Stress – Part 4

Exercise tips

You will want to follow an exercise routine to make the most out of your valuable time and have the results you desire. Jogging around the block or lifting some weights will not provide the desired overall effect of a complete workout.

Here are some tips that will help in releasing stress through physical exercise:

1. Time. Before indulging in some serious sweating, it’s important to set some time aside allowing you to have an uninterrupted workout. No screaming kids to drag you down, no phone solicitors, no nosy neighbors knocking at your door. Getting going before anyone gets you going — usually early morning– is the best time for exercise.

2. Warm-up exercise. It is very important to engage in “light” exercise to warm up before engaging in a heavy-duty workout. Painful cramping and soreness can be avoided by doing some light stretches, bending, flexing, etc., utilizing all muscle groups from your feet up to your head.

Make sure you do this slowly and with pre-set time intervals so your body won’t react negatively.

Why warm-up? It allows your body to adapt to the work-out slowly, safely and comfortably.

3. Tools. If you decide not to go to the gym and choose to exercise at home, there are a myriad of books and videos to which you can and should refer to ensure you exercise safely. Choose the one you feel you would most enjoy while making sure you incorporate routines for different parts of your body.

If you want to create a serious exercise routine you might want to consider purchasing equipment that will enhance your workout and improve your body’s performance. A machine can make it so much easier and more effective, especially, since it serves as that friend who reminds you that it really needs you to make it work. Aww, isn’t that sweet? It also can make the workout itself so much easier since it takes some of the thinking and planning work out of it.

4. Proper Diet. Probably, the most important facet of health and, of course, your physical workout is your food intake.

While improving your muscles, make sure that your internal organs are supported through a healthy diet. Make sure that you eat enough so that your body won’t get tired from the physical exercise, but also avoid unwanted cholesterol and calories. Stay away from fast and junk foods. Stick with fruits and veggies…they’re always a healthier choice. Please see our site, for some healthy alternatives.

Next we will talk about the 5 minute workout…

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