10 Year Girl Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I was horrified when I saw the news of a 10 year old California girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Eleven years ago, at age 33, I was diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

Everyone was shocked and horrified including the doctors especially since I had no family history of breast cancer.  I was the youngest woman being treated at the time at one of the largest cancer hospitals in NY.  Shortly after, to add more shock, my husband was diagnosed with malignant melanoma.  He was just 34.

I didn’t make any changes to my lifestyle, other than being told not to take vitamin C; I wasn’t told that I needed to make changes.  I wish I had made changes.

Nine years ago, the cancer returned and I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  I was told nothing could be done to save me.

At that point, I became passionate about learning why cancer and other illnesses happen and what we can do to prevent and heal from them.  We applied what we learned and my husband and I have been cancer free for 9 years.  It became our life mission to share this information.

As I began speaking and writing about cancer and other illnesses, I noticed that the age of both women and men being diagnosed with breast cancer became younger and younger.  Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in my thirties, it deeply saddened and frightened me that teenagers were now being diagnosed.

Now the worst news of all…
a 10-year old is diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a woman, mother and someone who lived through breast cancer twice, I am devastated for her and her family. Very sadly, though, I am not shocked.  These days, it’s not uncommon for 16- and 17-year olds to be diagnosed, however the large jump in age down to 10-years old has happened too quickly.

In my speaking and writing, I often talk about what is happening to our children’s health and the impact that our choices are having on them.  This is the first generation of children that is on a path to live shorter lives than their parents.

I urge you to please visit our site to learn more about why this is happening and how we can help not only ourselves, but more importantly, our children, and prevent a continuation of this terrifying destructive spiral.

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