Coping with Stress – Part 3

Physical exercise can improve your body’s adaptability to stress.

Exercise should involve routine movements that will improve your cardiovascular functions and strengthen your heart. This, in turn, improves the circulation of your blood and other bio-chemicals which your body requires to maintain good health.

When your muscles are supplied with oxygen, muscle health improves increasing endurance, stamina and flexibility. Also, when engaging in physical exercise, an outlet for your mental stress is created providing a healthy release of depression, anxiety, anger, fear, etc.

In addition, endorphins, which are wonderful body chemicals that are natural painkillers and add to a sense of well-being are released through exercise. Even better – research has shown that serotonin levels are likely increased from vigorous aerobic exercise therefore improving mood. Now that’s something to smile about!

Tomorrow, I will give a few exercise tips that may be helpful with stress management.

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