Set Yourself Up to Win

Keeping a success journal is a great way to empower yourself and demonstrate how far you’ve come.

A simple way to get started is to make a commitment to yourself that you will do a certain number of positive things a day to improve your wellness and, then, write them down.

One small, simple task a day to start will set you up to establish a healthier tomorrow.

Keep it simple and choose something that you know, without a doubt, you can accomplish.  Make it super-achievable to start so that a positive health regime is created It could be something as simple as 3 positive affirmations, three minutes of dancing or some type of movement, smile at your self in the mirror, do five to fifteen minutes of walking or some type of exercise or even bouncing in place can qualify for this.

Another great place to start? Think about something healthy you can add into your diet each day.

Replace one carb-heavy side dish with an enormous salad and, viola`, SUCCESS!
Leave off the high fat bottled dressing and…ANOTHER SUCCESS!

REMEMBER: When you make any positive change, don’t just give yourself a high-five, give yourself a high-ten!
Jot down every time you do something positive for your health. Take the emphasis off weight loss because no matter what, if you are doing things for your health, even if you don’t lose weight, it is still a fantastic win and congratulate yourself.

Set yourself up for success and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here’s some brief tips to get you going:
” set achievable goals
” increase goals once you meet with success
” re-enforce and celebrate your successes
” reward yourself with healthy things (ex: a bubble bath, listening to music, flowers, etc.)
” forgive yourself for not being perfect

Make a note on your calendar on the first day you succeed at change and circle it as the first day of the rest of your life.

In order to achieve your wellness goals, it is important for you to realize that making these changes will incorporate your whole being not just a part of your life.

Little changes can go a long way. Making positive changes in one area of your life, will have a positive impact on other parts of your life and health, for example better quality family life, career, less stressed, having more fun etc.

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