Thank You For Visiting Our Blog

Thank you for visiting our Blog!  Well this is new to us and we are excited to be able to share information here whenever we can.

If you came through our website,, thank you so much for your support!  For those of you who haven’t yet visited our site, or heard us at a presentation or on the radio, we hope you will visit our site for a couple of reasons.

One…to inspire you if you are not aware of how we are cancer free 7 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 and Stage 3B cancer.

Two… and most importantly, we hope to inspire anyone who is healthy to evaluate things that you can do that will keep you healthy, and to become aware of things that you may not know are harmful to your health.

Three…to be a resource, if you are looking for some answers in your life.

We have been amazed by the knowledge and blessings that we have gained once we opened up to them.  Our site is not just about cancer and chronic illness, it is for everyone.  The knowledge we have gained is about health, healing, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, consciousness of the power of our thoughts and actions.  Whatever we seem to ask, the universe and God seem to answer.  We have found that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle.  Life doesn’t have to be so hard.  It can be easy when we just let it.  Here is a recent example that just popped into my head.  I had been saying that I wanted to meditate, knowing how important it is, but not getting to do it because of how challenging it can be.  Before I knew it, I was hit over the head, not once but 5 times, with someone I should contact.  It turns out that all 5 times, it was the same meditation teacher, Steven Sadleir!  And it turns out he is amazing.  Even better than that, he says, “Don’t try to meditate, just allow yourself to be meditated”.  So if you remember I said I wanted to meditate… and there he is.  I said I was having trouble quieting my mind to meditate….and he said, ”You don’t have to try to meditate, just allow yourself to be meditated”.  That is two powerful answers for the price of one.  This is just one example of what we experience, when we ask for help!

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Wishing you an abundance of blessings!  Joyce OBrien and Kevin OBrien